We know going solar can be complicated. We are here as your expert guide every step of the way. With our customers, we are creating a planet run by the sun.

At Sun Energy Programs, we aim to make solar so incredibly easy and affordable that it becomes the financially prudent energy option for all homeowners. With modern lidar technology and satellite imagery, we are able to build out a system design for your home from our remote locations. Coupled with economies of scale on standardized equipment, we’re able to offer the lowest-priced solar in the nation—without compromising quality.

We’d love for you to join us in doing our part in making renewable energy not only the environmentally responsible option but the financially prudent one as well.


Vivian Jimenez

Born out of the belief that solar energy is the most powerful solution to combat climate change, the Mexican entrepreneur Vivian Jimenez founded Sun Energy Programs. From the very start, her vision has been to lead the shift to a more sustainable future with solar power.

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